Sunday, March 28, 2010

New website

Orgonite Amsterdam - now Orgonite Portugal since my return - is back in business!
You can check out the new website at


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


[Addendum: I have recently moved back to Portugal and as I'm looking for new suppliers there will be no new orders accepted until further notice. Fell free to contact me for any questions though!]

Soon I'm starting an internet shop selling orgonite. That is, I will be taking seriously my hobby with selling orgonite and try to make a full-time job out of it.

This will mean some changes.

New prices:
Basic TB - 2,00 euros (or 6 pieces at 1,50 each)
Copper TB - 3,00 euros (or 6 pieces at 2,50 each)
Basic HHG - 9,50 euros
Copper HHG - 14,50 euros
Pendent - in development
Pocket Orgonite - offered with every order

And a new website - to be announced.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beyond Orgonite

A good companion tool for going out gifting is the Succour Punch (SP) which is basically a medium to large crystal with a moebius coil wrapped around. An SP is connected to a Zapper (I'll explain this one in a bit) and it does two things: first it keeps you out of sight of any negative people who would not want you to gift (including if they are watching you through cameras, etc) - simply keep it with you or around you when you go gifting; second it functions as an incredibly powerful intention amplifier (intention creates reality) - to use it for this simply hold it with your right hand with its base on your earth chakra and visualise or verbalise what you want as if it was already reality (i.e. "I'm being healed by God's Light"). Don't go use it for getting youself a millionaire because it won't work for things unless you actually need them.These can be purchased from one of the vendors in the vendor list to the right.

The Zapper is a little device with two metal diodes (?) and powered by a battery which when powered on and touching your skin will send through it a very small electric current which will, over time, kill any worms and parasites you have within you and generally help your immune system heal much faster. It is so powerful that it will cure cancer and AIDS (I have not witnessed it myself but I believe this). It needs to be used for quite some hours before you get results though, depending on how sick the person is and which kind of zapper you got.

[personally I use it for 5-6 hours a day. Even though my sinus did not go away I am convinced the problem has to be cleared in another way. What was healed was a growing wart I had on my toe. PRECAUTION NOTE: If the place where you have the zapper strapped starts to itch, move it to another spot immeadiately! It probably means your body is trying to get rid of a lot of toxins at once too - drink lots of water during the process]

Simple zappers can be purchased from
Better versions (with orgonite, energy stones, etc) you can probably find at the vendors in the list to the right, and the "deluxe, cadillac version" as I've heard it, can be found at
(they probably have the best stuff, if a bit pricey) - there you can also find good info on how zappers work.

And last but definately not least - learn how to clear yourself and defend yourself etherically with exercises from coach Dooney at
- you can also arrange a clearing session with her if you'd like, for a modest ammount.In any case the exercises contained in the website will give you a good headstart on reclaiming your (etheric) space and to get on a faster (and smoother) road of spiritual improvement.

Above all - have fun! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What you can do with orgonite

Put it under your bed for better sleep.
Tape it to the water pipe that comes into your house to re-energize the water (the straight corners of pipes 'kill' the water).
Put it on every piece of electronic equipment, such as your TV, computer or microwave (if you must still use one) to counter the life-sucking energy that they produce (and radiation, in the case of the microwave).

If you have a lot of orgonite to spare, put a piece on every corner of your house or property, so that your space is well protected. Your house will then function as a safe-haven from all the (for most of us) subtle electronic and energetic mess of the world outside.

Wear it or carry it with you at all times, so that not only you'll be protecting yourself as you move through a world that is still negatively-charged (mostly in the stress-filled cities) but you'll be carrying a little beacon of light, wherever you go.

If you feel like it - gift it to the world!

You can do this by giving it to your loved ones
Placing it in your workplace, in the park where you go jogging
Giving it to the loud neighbours upstairs who keep on fighting, or the cafe/bar where you go for a drink

And if you want to really improve the city or area where you live...

GSM antennas - the antennas that allegedly provide mobile communication produce A LOT of negative energy. If you look closely you'll see thick electric cables running up to power them... these are no common antennas, believe me - ask anyone who lives or works right under them how does it feel like to be there every day. I get a slight headache to look at them sometimes before I gift them, which usually takes 1 TB per 8 or 9 panels (one antenna usually has 2-4 panels).

Big relay antennas - these are usually quite big, upwards of 100 meters high, and gather AM/FM radio and television broadcasting signal. They pack quite a punch (negative energy) and it is highly probable that people living in close proximity of them will get cancer within their lifetime. Orgonite changes this - you'll have to use a lot, though. Perhaps 12-30 TBs, depending on the size of the 'beast'.

High Tension Lines - There's the same or worse cancer ratio for people living near and under the structures that support these power lines. Even though the negative energy coming out of them is negligible, orgonite will give people living there a big boost against cancer. 1 TB should be enough.

Weather Radars are fairly rare and oficially used in meterological research (predicting the weather). In fact they are used in a technological system that produces changes in the weather (possibly the same as HAARP). Too far fetched? I'm just giving the information, not asking anyone to believe me.They produce very little DOR (deadly orgone, or what I refer usually as negative energy) so it takes only a few (5-8) TBs to deactivate the nefarious side of these things. They'll still keep on reporting the weather of course, there's nothing wrong with that.

Schools (and higher education buildings), Hospitals, Old People's Homes and Prisons are like processing plants.

At school kids are taught what to think and how to think, not how to think for themselves. It is the first stage in transforming them into working, tax-paying, law abiding, FEARFUL adults, right before University or Technical School, the first stepping stone into assimilation. Then you have the fact they are growing and learning how to deal with this change... they have so much energy and they are asked to study books most of them don't care for, no wonder you'll get some 'troublemakers'!

Hospitals are death energy places. Name one person who likes hospitals... The energy of countless sick people just stays there and sticks onto anyone passing by, much worse to the ones who are actually sick and forced to stay there, with the food and drugs given to them, in many cases, making them get worse over time.

Old People's Homes. Is there anything more sad than a building full of old people? Somehow the energy here isn't too different from a hospital, you take the conclusions. The fact is, even though their bodies don't have much to help us anymore, their minds, very often, do. But living in these 'boxes', they and their minds will die quicker.

Also you can regularly find GSM antennas at or near these locations, sometimes they even put them on kindergardens!!

Prisons are... well, let's say they're provenly not for rehabilitation - most inmates come out 'worse' than they were sent in. There's all sorts of criminal activity and violence going on right in those places which are supposed to be the most lawful in the world - they are so controlled, after all. And imagine how much negative energy is jam-packed into such a small space - no ammount of orgonite is too much for prisons, specially since you can never get close to the buildings.

Feel free to gift churches as well. Churches have been (and are possibly still) used as places for repression of free will.Churches as gathering places of people who come together for one purpose and of one intention are very powerful places (intention changes reality). If a lot of fear is put into those gatherings, as I'm led to believe by all the church-instigated troubles of the last 1000 years at least, then each church will be paying us, actually, a mis-service. And that energy stays there and will be affecting anyone who enters it too.Also, churches (and quite some famous monuments as well) are known to be placed on specific (lay) lines and vortices of energy which are abundant in the land and sea. Changing the energy of that church will change the part of the Earth grid it is connected to.

Cemeteries - such a large concentration of dead bodies in decay... it's a very strange feeling to walk through one and I can't think of anyone liking to spend time in them, except with foul intention. Most importantly it is quite possible that there are souls still trapped, wandering around there - they can be freed by placing TBs every 150 meters or so.

Battlefields - Any place where even dozens, let alone hundreds or thousands of people died in such a short time is a good place to gift. Very often the souls of soldiers will be wondering a battlefield still, quite possibly because of this incredible paradox: we are beings of life, we want to create and expand - and yet we kill, in the end we don't know why. It is an incredibly charged place and you'd be doing many souls a favour by gifting it.

Old Castles and Lord's Manors - According to official history, the aristocracy is home to the best and the worse in humanity. They possibly got half of that right. Even if no battle ever took place there, the incredibly negative things that went on, quite often in the catacombs and under levels of those buildings (including satanic rituals and torture) make them a very good target to gift.

Nuclear power plants - They produce a very unnatural, sick energy and should be gifted with as much orgonite as possible. Since they are usually in isolated places surrounded by a fence, making a circle of TBs around it should help alot. Don't be shy to use HHGs, though.

What's the best indicator to know when, where and how much to gift? Use your intuition. It's the best source of information you'll ever have because it's always right, even if you sometimes don't understand it quite well, very often the meaning of things is revealed in retrospect.And don't be afraid to make mistakes! Although it is preferable not to do so, much can be learned in the process of doing things. It's a process really, and it takes time to learn (re-learn actually) how to best communicate with our intuition.


The following tutorials do not represent the only way to make orgonite, on the contrary. Many of the websites listed in the 'Links' section (to the right) as any other website about orgonite have tutorials available (which are usually quite similar).

Facilities needed:
*anywhere outdoors with a level ground or a room indoors with plenty of ventilation (resin, specially polyester, stinks while hardening/curing - not very healthy either)

Equipment needed:
* latex gloves
* mask (it's up to you how fancy, I just use a simple one)
* plastic garbage bags
* stirring sticks
* transparent plastic mixing bucket with measurements
* toilet paper
* cooking flower

All of the above may be found at either a supermarket, general store, hardware store and/or the store where they also sell resin.

Main ingredients:

* polyester or epoxy resin
It is found in specialized stores. Resin is sold usually to repair boats, but also cars and scooters, or make art.
It is the most expensive element of the equation - a TB will usually cost no less than 60 eurocents in resin (polyester).
Polyester hardens to be usually green-brown in colour (depends on the amount of hardener and/or the type of metal, but I'm not sure about this) and epoxy is transparent - also more expensive (about 1.5 times).
If you buy in quantity it's almost certainly cheaper.

* metal shavings
It is preferably found in a place where they deal in scrap metal - these places are usually housing everything from pipes to old stoves. What you need is small metal shavings - any metal will do, though usually alluminium, for it's price and weight, is the best pick for simple orgonite. You may want to use windy copper shavings for personal devices since it reportedly gives better energy flow.

Here are some windy copper chavings:

And here are some alluminium shavings:

Of course if bulky metal is all you can find then by all means, don't be shy to give it a shot if it feels appropriate to do it - but try to fit in the mold as much metal as you can, even if it sticks out.

* quartz crystals
You can usually find them in 'new age' shops and some market stands. They can also be found in specialized shops where they sell stones of all kinds, though these are uncommon.
For the TB, size and shape don't matter, the smaller (cheaper) the better. For the HHG, try to find crystals of around 2-4 centimeters long and 1 centimeter thick, with one clearly defined point (extremity).
If you buy in quantity it's usually cheaper, though sometimes not true with the bigger HHG crystals (depends on the shop).

Here are some crystals used for TBs.

Notice how 'not-perfect' they are... but they work! To the right of the coin is a tiny perforated quartz crystal that works perfectly fine for a TB. The crystal was part of a necklace which was made of all these little tumbled quartzes, some of which were used to make TBs. The ones left I'm keeping for an emergency ;)

Note: the TB and HHG are made upside-down. This means that the down part of the mold will be in fact the top and the upper part will be the base of the orgonite device. Usually. Though in the case of the TB that is not so important since the energy is, in this case, sent in all directions with the same strenght.

The Tower Buster (TB):

For this I will use a silicone muffin tray. They have them as well in (hard) teflon trays but if you go for teflon make sure to grease the molds with olive oil even if it says it's anti-stick, just in case.
As a last ditch you can use paper cups. They will work fine but the paper (in my experience) doesn't come off easily afterwards.
When picking a muffin tray, keep in mind that orgonite specially enjoys round shapes, but don't worry - the regular muffin shape will do just fine.

Have your plastic garbage bag ripped open and laying flat on the ground (or floor). It will be your working area, so put everything you will use on top of that plastic bag. Use 2 bags side by side if necessary.
Have your metal shavings ready, your crystals picked and sorted and your resin and hardener closeby and ready for mixing.
Have a plastic (mixing) bucket and a stirring stick ready.

Put one crystal in each mold.

Put metal shavings in each mold until they are half full.

Get your mask and gloves on.

Mix your resin in the mixing bucket according to instructions given in the package and / or at the shop. Usually it's 2-3 percent hardener in the case of polyester and 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener in the case of epoxy.
For a medium sized TB you'll usually need 60-90 ml of mixed resin, depending on how 'compact' your metal gets together.

Mix for about 1-2 minutes. When you get a hang of it you'll feel easily when it's enough stirring.

You now have about 30 minutes before it hardens (for more precise information, check the package or ask at the shop).

Carefully pour the resin on the molds until they are the size you want to make the TBs. This will sink the metal in.

Use the stirring stick to stir the metal in the molds so the resin gets everywhere.
Keep adding more metal and pushing it down with the stick so it all gets snuggly and compact and do it until you can't add anymore metal

Note: some people like to leave a layer of resin as last (the base of the TB, once it's cured and removed from the mold). I do believe more metal is better so I just add as much as I can. It is also a general rule to do a 50-50 metal and resin mix but for the reasons expressed I'm ignoring that measure.

You may now remove gloves and mask.

Leave to harden and then cure. Total time should be no longer than 12 hours but is usually best to leave it for a whole 24 hours.

Resin works best (faster) at a temperature of 18-25 degrees centigrade (this info is usually also on the package).

Remove from mold and place it where you see fit, give it to your neighbours or gift it to the world!

Note: the smell of hardened polyester resin will disappear within days of being out in the air, just be patient.
Anything not reusable may be left on top of the bag to be thrown away with it.

In case of spilled resin
At the sink - use the baking flower to get rid of resin which may sometimes get on your arms (or the floor). Use it as you would when removing engine oil stains with coffee. Then rinse with water.
Use the toilet paper to remove any large stains of resin that may have fallen where they shouldn't and clean off the rest with baking flower if necessary, when necessary (if you accidently get a liter of resin on your nice wooden floor it's a good idea to forget about the orgonite and clean it first: once it hardens it's very difficult to remove)

Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)

For this I will use a martini glass. Conical shapes made of folded paper are also fine but remember the paper will be difficult to remove later on. You may also want to try a plastic funnel with the tip cut off and some duck tape covering where the tip used to be, the funnel being supported by a bigger container such as a carton box.

The cooper coil:

An extra that is very helpful for the HHG is the copper coil - though not absolutely necessary it will make your HHG stronger. The coil is used to direct the flow of energy from the base up to the crystal from where it goes out.

To make a coil you need a section of about 60-75 centimeters of 1.2-1.8 mm thick copper wire. You can wind it by hand or use a wax mold from Quebec-Orgone (I don't know any other makers but feel free to search). The wax mold makes things quicker, easier and (in my case) much more accurate. If a coil feels wrongs, don't use it. Try to straighten it out on a round surface (tube, pipe) and try again or leave it out altogether.

All steps for the TB apply, except:

You'll want to have the end of the coil that is closest to the crystal to be touching or very close to the tip of the crystal. Also try to have the crystal more or less tight within the coil before you drop them in the mold.

Before pouring, get some metal around the coil (so it hangs by itself) and then in the coil so the crystal will be more stable.

For copper HHGs:

Keep adding metal, slowly and in small ammounts so they don't form a bundle.

Keep adding metal with equal proportion around and within the coil until you reach about 2 cm from the top.

Leave this area empty and start adding resin by pouring down the middle until it fills the mold (the windy copper pieces always leave a lot of 'air' around them so that the resin will easily find its way everywhere - no stirring needed here).

for alluminium HHGs:

Pour a bit of resin and try to get it everywhere. Use the stick to move the metal around a bit.
Reset the position of the coil and crystal if necessary so they are more or less straight, stable and hanging there by themselves.

Once this part is done, proceed in another 2 or 3 steps of adding metal, then resin, thuging the metal down a bit with the stirring stick.

Finish it off by leaving a layer of only resin (I know what I wrote about maximum metal, but this became a habit with the HHG :)

Also, it would be ideal if the very tip of the coil that will be at the base is either just out in the open or very close to the edge of the base.

The martini glass post-curing process: I must confess I have a lot of trouble with removing HHGs from their martini glasses. The usual technique is to put them in the freezer and then take them off after some time - BE WARNED IT MAY BRAKE THE GLASS, LEAVING SPLINTERS ALL OVER YOUR FREEZER, with the HHG often ending up with pieces of glass attached which are almost impossible to remove.
The idea with putting it in the freezer is so that the resin will shrink and be easier to remove. You may want to try just the fridge (less shocking for the glass).
Adding olive oil to the surface of the glass before pouring seems not to help at all, at least when I tried.

[addendum - giving the HHG (with glass still attached) a cold and hot treatment will make removing the glass very easy. Cold: freezer, hot: boiled water]

As a conclusion, it may also have to do with the fact that I use almost exclusively windy copper as a metal for HHGs... since less metal is touching the glass maybe it makes it stick more - will do some alluminium HHGs soon and update this tutorial once that's done.

Important note: If you want to add some other stones to the HHG I suggest you don't add more than one kind unless you know what you are doing. Rosequartz or amethyst seem to be fairly good choices. Do not use grounding (low) stones.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Creations

Although there is prettier and more effective orgonite it all comes down to the same.

The basic Tower Buster (or TB for short)

made with alluminium shavings, polyester resin and a small crystal

The copper TB

made with windy copper shavings, epoxy resin and a small crystal

The copper Holy Hand-Grenade (or HHG for short)

made with windy copper shavings, epoxy resin, a copper coil (spiral) and a nice big crystal.

These devices were invented by Don Croft ( who also came up with the names.
I think he wanted to create names which were absolutely unique (unlike "super orgoniser 3000" for example) and fun too, when you think about it. It's almost like a child could have come up with these names, which is not a bad thing.

I also make small and very simple orgonite pendants

made with windy copper shavings, epoxy resin and a small crystal. The 'necklace' holding it is simple and soft, blue satin.
It also comes in the "pocket" variety so you can carry it around without having to wear it.

Regarding the pendants, these are of a very simple variety, without even the
SBB (Saint Buster's Button) coil which is so common to find. For that reason I recommend you get your pendants from other vendors because they are much more powerful...

In the future I will try to get these simple and beautiful orgonite creations to be sold in specific places in Amsterdam. The reason for it is that they will get much more exposure if they are sold on a shop than if someone has come all over to Amsterdam to get some pieces for free or buy them in quantity.
Yes, that's right - I can give you some pieces for free. I want to share this gift with people and am quite willing to give it away just like that, no strings attached.

If you want to buy orgonite and have it sent to you by mail, that is a service I do not provide at the moment. For that, please check the Vendors links (i.e. is based in the Netherlands).
If you want to try and make it yourself please take a look at the Tutorials.

Basic TB: 1.50 euros / pack of 6: 6 euros (1 euro a piece)
Copper TB: 2.50 euros / pack of 6: 12 euros (2 euros a piece)
HHG: 12 euros a piece
Pendant with necklace: 2 euros / pack of 6: 12 euros (the necklace is the expensive part)
"pocket" orgonite: 50 cents / pack of 6: 2.10 euros (35 cents a piece)
A pendant without the neclace is the same price (the same thing actually, except it has a small copper ring to fit in a necklace).

You can contact me through
tel 0031 6 11424006

At the moment I can give away only a few TBs, usually the Basic type but I can give Copper ones as well if they are already made.
I'll give Holy Hand Grendades only to people who do energy work or whose trade is somehow associated with (energy) healing.
Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists, Police Stations, Prisons and Libraries are very welcome to ask for an HHG as well, which they will get for free. If any public service institution requests for orgonite in quantity I will be happy to provide them at the price of the materials only, which is even cheaper that the prices listed above.
The reason why I'm being so generous to these institutions is that a lot more people get the benefits of orgonite like this than if the orgonite is sitting in a private home. Those people can then come back home at the end of the day and bring that good energy with them!

If you cannot believe something great can be so cheap ask yourself if maybe there is something wrong with the idea that if something is really good then it has to be expensive... ask yourself what was the greatest experience you ever had and what was the price tag on that experience.

But... I am also not stating orgonite will turn your life around as if someone had turned the lights on! It doesn't work like that - usually. Though sometimes it does.
Its influence is only subtly felt by most and the changes it will bring to your life will also be hardly felt, usually in retrospect.
Ultimately we are the ones who have to make the real changes, starting with ourselves - orgonite is here to help us along the way.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Orgonite Mini-FAQ

What is Orgonite?
- Orgonite generates Positive Orgone while transmuting Deadly Orgone into Positive one. The term "Orgonite" was coined by Karl Welz in the mid '90s.

What is Orgone?
- "Orgone energy" is a term invented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and is possibly the same life force energy as Chi (Qi) or Prana.

Can you tell me more about this Orgone Energy?
- I don't know that much about it but feel free to research Dr. Reich on the internet or trough his books. Basically Positive Orgone is expansive and promotes free flow (related to Love) while Deadly Orgone is contracting and promotes blockages (related to Fear).

What's in this orgonite, anyway?
- Fiberglass resin, metal shavings and a small piece of quartz crystal.

Wait, are you trying to tell me this combination creates positive energy? I don't believe it.
- That's ok, I'm not trying to "convert" anyone, but... look back in history and you will find many great things being used before the science of how it works became common knowledge.
Orgone is not yet recognized by the international community (as Chinese Medicine is, for instance) but that does not stop it from being experienced by anyone.

But I can't feel anything from it.
- Probably most western and "westernized" people can't. It has to do with how detached we became from our intuitive side.
That will easily change as we become more developed and aware through meditation, better food, clean fresh air, the presence of orgonite, etc.
The Planet itself is going through changes which will make it easier for everyone's development.

It sounds so easy and simple - what is stopping me from making my own?
- Nothing really, and I would love it if more people would start making it, having it and giving some to their loved ones, their friends, their neighbours...
Why do you think I am going through all this explanation instead of coming up with a hocus-pocus story that tries to sell orgonite as "the only thing you need to improve your life" but is only made by one company or person and carries a big price tag?

Is that why you make it so cheap?
Exactly. I am part-time working and studying as well, not doing this to get rich :)

Are you crazy?
Depends on how you look at it, but I can honestly say I'm much more happy having orgonite around and I would very much like to share that.